Artist Statement

I am a media artist, focussing on two topics: The Digital Image, and Embodied Interaction with Digital Media. In my practice I use custom made software as a main artistic technique. My works often only live in the digital space as media files or running code, but every now and then they also enter the material world as objects or installations.

Born in 1980, I belong to a generation that has been able to completely follow the development of digital images in the general public. I remember watching milimeter-sized rectangles, calculated by an Atari 2600, forming crude representations of spaceships, monsters and people. The topic of digital image, be it synthetic or captured, has stuck with me ever since. I am interested in their anatomy on a technical and semiotic level as well as their aesthetic quality — and especially in how these three levels interact with each other.

More recently, I am also working in the field of human-computer-interaction using the whole body. I imagine, conceptualize and develop systems which offer new opportunities for representation and expression of human movements. Here, I am currently exploring the sonic dimension, as I am captivated by the directness and resulting emotional capabilities of sound, especially music.