Marc-André Weibezahn

لا تفرقوا
Do Not Disperse

Reactive Installation, 2019

In this collaboration with Mahshid Mahboubifar, each of us contributed one projection to create a site-specific narrative from analogue and digital materials. The projections where shown on the Mosque Sidi Brahim in Houmet Souk, the main town of the Tunesian island Djerba, for the media art festival See Djerba 2019".
The phrase “لا تفرقوا — Do Not Disperse” is a part of a verse of Quran, Surah Ale-Omran Ayaat 103.s. Mahshid Mahboubifar represents these words in a caligraphic style called "Kufic", using iron sand, and applies it on an analogue overhead projector. A swinging magnet moves the metallic particles over time, altering the structure of the pattern. Eventually, unpredictable shapes emerge from the trails of each individual "grain".

My digital projection is a reaction to, and a translation of what is happening to the sand scripture. A software observes and processes its structure constantly and draws a pattern from a set of digital "tiles" with geometric ornaments. At first, this pattern is very regular, but as the sand and the script changes, it gains more variety. Over time it comes to a very dynamic state which might even seem chaotic—but a closer look reveals that the designs of the tiles are still all connected.

Applying the scripture
Applying the scripture with iron sand on the overhead projector.
Pattern of digital tiles Pattern of digital tiles Pattern of digital tiles
The pattern of digital tiles changes over time from regular to very dynamic.
Mosque at daytime and nighttime
The Sidi Brahim Mosque at daytime and nighttime with projections.


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