Marc-André Weibezahn


Photographs, Synthetic Collages, 2018

“Fuse” is a series of algorithmically generated collages of everyday views. The synthetic images are created from many different photos from the same sites by rather simple, custom algorithms. The results appear to be quite realistic, but not quite—the attentive viewer soon realises that some things in them do not add up, and the illusion of reality (or the representation thereof) falters.

The work consists of several parts: A selection of still images is printed on 20 by 20 cm boards. A variety of serial images is printed on photo paper in 10 by 15 cm and shown in a photo album. The third part is an animation which shows 'infinite landscapes' that are continuously stitched together in real-time.

One might be inspired by these short-lived illusions to challenge our perception of everyday phenomena as well as mediated images of the world, and our romantic image of “nature” and authenticity.

Forest Ground
Photo Album


Eins, Zwei
Do Not Disperse
Configuration 00
Occupational Therapy
Beyond Pastiche